Making letters (Blender)

    1. Get Blender and install that badboy:

    2. Get yourself a font, I highly recommend using something with sharp edges. (curvy parts will give you complicated / dense meshes, not fun)
      Unpack the font file, right click on it: Install for all users.

    3. Go ahead and open the Blender now, create a new General project.
      Before we start, let's install the export plugin as well
      Unpack, in blender go to Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons and press the Install button, find the file -> Install Add-on, then make sure it's checked in the list. (To confirm you should see it under File -> Export: MD3 (+shader)

    4. Delete everything in Scene Collection.
      alt text

    5. Press "Add" button on top right or Shift + A and select "Text"

    6. Go to object data properties menu: green "a" symbol on right side menu.
      6a) Paragraph section -> Alignment: Horizontal and Vertical alignment to center.
      6b) Font section -> behind "Regular" press the folder box and find your font.
      6c) If you want 2D text (why?) then ignore this: Geometry section -> Extrude
      6d) Hit TAB button to edit the text as you please.
      6e) Go to Object mode. Top right "Edit mode" -> "Object mode"
      alt text

    7. Right click on screen: Convert to mesh
      7a) Under Object Properties, Scale section, pump it up like 40x
      alt text

    8. Textures. Navigate to Material Properties menu, red ball thing on right side menu.
      8a) New -> Base Color -> Image texture. Click Open button under it, then and find your texture.
      8b) Change the material name to your texture / shader path.
      e.g. my model and texture will be in: models/mapobjects/mymapname/letters
      so my material name will be: models/mapobjects/mymapname/letters/bl.jpg
      If you want to use shader then something like: models/mapobjects/mymapname/letters/myshadername (no extension here)
      alt text

    9. Go to UV Editing window, button on top bar.
      9a) On right side window press a to select everything then press UV button on top menu -> unwrap
      9b) If you want to scale the texutre then on left side press x -> s and move mouse to scale.
      alt text

    10. Go back to Layout window, top menu.
      10a) Modifier properties -> Add modifier: Triangulate
      10b) On bottom of the screen there is animation controls, set End to 1
      alt text

    11. Make sure your object is selected, File -> Export -> MD3 (+shaders)

    alt text
    alt text

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