Question about the movement display setting

  • Hey, I play tj and et since 2008 and I like your movement display setting in the etjump mode with the arrows showing and besides the great passion, contribution and skill you guys have for tj inspires me and to me you are legends. I would really like to use the arrow display setting in my fragging demos to show the movement for me to learn

    Best regard, Goku

  • Are you requesting adding etpro compatible demo playback? I am not sure, but i think this won't be done, simply because we have no clue what changes could be done to the data stored in demos - since etpro is closed source, hence we cannot add compatibility layer to ensure that we play the demo files correctly. But we can of course lift the limitations and make etpro demos to be played, but this won't show the movement arrows simply because etpro demos doesn't contain such information as etjump demos do. So i'd say it's pretty much not possible to add such things for your fragging demos recorded by other mods.

  • I c, anyway was able to track the movents, oh well, it would of been nice to later upload frags with movements

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