Happy new year!

  • @sneak said:

    Would be cool to see the possibility to !admintest another user like most shrubbot mods.

    Also, when doing !levelinfo to be able to see a list of levels with their name besides them instead of just a numeric list separated by commas.

    !finger ?
    Yes I guess the levelinfo should show the name beside them.

  • Hi when i update etjump from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 the server gives me an error With portalgun on line 21! Can anyone upload a install docs? Or help me? In the 2.0.3. Zip is only 3 files but in 2.0.2 is more folders and so!
    Need help to update to 2.0.3

  • Try opening the .pk3 with your favourite zip program and extracting the contents to the same folder.

  • OMG xD ! lol ! Thanks

  • next problem ! to set level ! i use rcon passowrd setlevel but doesnt work !
    please help ??

  • administrators

    Change log would be awesome. That brief thing you gave to me didn't really cover anything ^^

  • Sure would be but I don't have much time atm.

  • @likwid said:

    next problem ! to set level ! i use rcon passowrd setlevel but doesnt work !
    please help ??

    /rcon <optional password> !setlevel player level
    Level must exist.

    Next time you have an issue, please try to describe it better. "Doesn't work" isn't exactly very descriptive

  • Hi Zero :)

    Thanks for releasing the new version. Comparing to the previous version the level system is great :D

    I'm just missing something like !listplayers from NQ that would list currently connected players and their levels.

    There is also a bug with the list given by !listusers. Some of the names remain empty. Here's the console log:

    listusers: check console for more information.
    Listing page 1/2
    ID Level Last seen Name
    1 100 4 minutes ago -)A(-isl|an|der
    2 0 2 weeks ago Look I use pale's cfg
    3 0 2 weeks ago -)A(-tomimaki
    4 0 1 weeks ago sfdbsfvsbf
    5 0 1 weeks ago sect0r
    6 0 1 weeks ago
    7 0 2 weeks ago -)A(-tomimaki
    8 0 1 weeks ago
    9 0 3 hours ago asd
    10 0 1 weeks ago DeviL
    11 0 1 weeks ago ETPlayer
    12 0 1 weeks ago
    13 0 1 weeks ago
    14 0 1 weeks ago
    15 100 2 days ago
    16 0 1 weeks ago
    18 0 1 weeks ago Jorski
    19 0 4 days ago
    20 0 1 days ago JOHNY
    21 0 3 days ago -.Lol.-

    ]/!userinfo 15
    userinfo: check console for more information.
    ID: 15
    GUID: xxx
    Level: 100
    Last seen: 26/01/15 00:37:50

    ]/!finger wut
    finger: check console for more information.
    Name: -)A(-WuTang**
    Original name:
    ID: 15
    Level: 100
    Title: Alchemy #4 Master Admin

    That was the example for a player that was currently connected to show that ID 15 has and has not the name at the same time :D

  • I guess they're connected with no name and the empty name has been saved.
    You can do !listusernames <id> for all names.
    I do have to work on the original name stuff, tho, atleast for setlevel.

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