ETJump 2.2.0 released

  • ETJump 2.2.0 is out!

    Just a quick release as it has taken too long to finish all things :)


    • Increased progression tracker limit from 10 to 50.
    • K43 and Garand no longer have any spread.
    • Added spawnflag 8 to target_startTimer to reset the runtimer if pmove is not fixed
    • Added spawnflag 16 to target_startTimer to disable use of save slots and backups
    • Portal gun changes:
      • Both portal gun fire rates are now equal.
      • Lowered the minimum allowed distance between the portal gun portals.
      • Changed other players' portal color 1 to green to make it more distinct on light surfaces.
    • Enhanced vote UX
      • Spectators can now see the y/n count.
      • Selected y/n is highlighted.
      • Revoting is now possible. Players can change their vote 3 times 10 seconds after the vote.
    • Removed unused cvars.
    • Vsay now plays the same voice for every player.
    • Fixed a click event issue in the widescreen UI.
    • shooter_rocket can now hit players.
    • renamed target_tracker tracker_setIf key to tracker_set_if to match the other keys.
    • fixed long map name not flipped correctly on map loading
    • added spawnflags 2 for weapon_portalgun entity to make it rotating around its center
    • added spawnflags 4 for all item_* and weapon_* entities to make them bobbing if they are floating in the air (1)
    • vid_restart no longer breaks timerun timer.
    • misc_landmine no longer crashes the client.
    • CHS 50 displays the last jump coordinates.
    • !spec now correctly only tries to match players that are not spectating.
    • Added two new spawnflags for target_startTimer
      • 32 disable explosive weapons pickup
      • 64 disable portal gun pickup
    • Drowned players are now correctly put to spec after a period of inactivity.
    • Added worldspawn key nooverbounce. Disables overbounce if set to anything but 0.
      • Surfaceparm monsterslicksouth enables overbounce on maps with no overbounce enabled.
    • Added spawnflag 8 to target_teleporter. Works like 4 (preserves yaw) except keeps the pitch value as well.
    • trigger_teleporter now supports same spawnflags as target_teleporter.
    • Added overbounce watcher. You can save a position and the watcher will display whenever you are pointing at an OB location.
      • etj_drawObWatcher to toggle the OB watcher.
      • etj_obWatcherX/Y to change the location of the watcher.
      • ob_save <optional name> to save the current position. Saved position will be displayed.
      • ob_load <optional name> to load the saved position to be displayed.
      • ob_reset to remove the displayed position. (Nothing will be displayed)
    • HUD/UI clean up (replaced some drawchars on proper text drawing method)
    • Value 9 for etj_drawSpeed2 now displays only tens in speedometer (ignores hundreds & thousands)
    • Added 'etj_drawMaxSpeed' variable and etj_maxSpeedX/Y/Duration to display max speed from previous load session
    • Fixed a bug in etj_noActivateLean
    • Added vote_minVoteDuration to limit how fast a vote can pass after the callvote.

  • Thanks for all the work!

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