Bounce B2 released! :D

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    Decided to do this little project just for fun. I've always thought Bounce would look nice with lights, so after getting the source I started to work on adding lights to the map. Hope you guys like it!

    Changes from B1:

    • Added lights to the map.
    • The map is set to night time instead of day to better fit to the atmosphere of the map.
    • Small visual changes to few jumps.
    • Fixed broken shader at the Enemy Territory logo in the start room.
    • Allied spawn has been moved to the same room as Axis spawn. The teleport to the first jump activates a timerun if you are on Allied team.
    • Teleport in the starting room resets speed to prevent cheating in timeruns.
    • Added shaders to the terrain at start room; it now has correct footstep sounds.



    Thanks to ronsu for making this awesome map and providing me the source.

  • Looks great :)

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