ETJump server on ET:Legacy

  • Hello,

    I'd like to ask you guys since I don't know from elsewhere how to get support for my question which is how do I completely setup an ETJump server on ET:Legacy?
    I really don't have a clue where to start with, does anyone know/have a good tutorial or is able to write me one (if it doesnt take too long and simply written since my English ain't uber high leveled).

    Sorry if I may sound stupid. I know. Don't need a confirmation :)


  • Forgot to mention that so far I couldn't find any tutorial at all.. or I've been searching with my nose.

  • Windows? Linux? Just for playing locally? Dedicated? I wouldn't use ET: Legacy as it seems to mess up the physics a bit (especially on ice, don't ask me why)

  • Windows, dedicated.
    Why not Legacy? Isn't it that on .55 or .6 that ramps are bugged (slow you down)?

  • @Fox said:

    Windows, dedicated.
    Why not Legacy? Isn't it that on .55 or .6 that ramps are bugged (slow you down)?

    No issues with physics in 2.55 or 2.6(b). ET Legacy on the other hand somehow managed to break slicky slope physics.

    Setting up a server on windows:

  • Okk thanks!

  • Aren't physics managed on mod side?

  • @Dragonji said:

    Aren't physics managed on mod side?

    Yes. ET:L still manages to break physics (although just minor issue). I've been wondering why. I would assume it has something to do with floating point math. Could be some compiler flag for example. I'd use it aswell if that wasn't the case.

  • I'd suggest to further investigate the issue and report it. After all it's in everyone's business.

  • @Dragonji I only have time to do so many things. :)

  • @Zero How about, at least, giving steps to reproduce the issue?

  • @Dragonji
    I can't remember exact details. It occurred on a map I can't remember on a slicky slope I can't remember on an ET:L version I can't remember. Maybe it's fixed, maybe it's not but it'd take anywhere from an hour to a lot of time to actually reproduce the issue.
    Maybe some day I'll try ETL again and see if I'm able to reproduce it.

  • @Dragonji i had no general issues with etl running map other than wall bugging isn't possible anymore, sounds good, but you can't finish some maps, like quakejump because you cant jump into goldrush pillar anymore :d. I had no issues with ramps, even patch ramps, slicky slopes overall behave the same on the maps i tested.

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