Next version changelog (2.1.0)

  • Changelog:

    ETJump 2.1.0

    • Extended target_relay:
      • spawnflags 8: only fires targets if the activating player is currently timerunning
      • spawnflags 16: only fires targets if the activating player is currently NOT timerunning
    • Added speed_limit key to target_starttimer.
      Timer will not be started if player's speed is higher than the value. Default value is 700.
    • Added etj_drawTokens.
    • Added etj_enableTimeruns.
    • Fixed issues with timerun timer.
    • Added trigger_tracker and target_tracker.
      A replacement for target_activate that's easier to use and allows more complex designs.
    • Fixed lines ending with a ^ breaking newlines.
    • g_banners to enable/disable banners altogether.
    • Client side autoexec for map specific configs. (autoexec_mapname.cfg).
    • Added spawnflags 1 to target_remove_portals to disable the text print.
    • Added target_interrupt_timerunto stop any timerun without setting a record.
    • Added target_set_health.
      Set's activator's health to the value specified by the health key.
      Spawnflags 1 to set once per life.
    • Fixed a likely crash on linux client.
    • Added cvars to control ghost player's transparency:
      etj_ghostPlayersOpacity controls ghostplayer's transparency.
      etj_ghostPlayersFadeRange controls distance when ghostplayer starts to fade.
    • Custom vsays: /vsay <variation> <id> <custom text> e.g. /vsay 4 hi Good evening!.
    • UI enhancements:
      • optional shadows for runtimer and speed
      • runtimer user experience improved
      • added cvar to auto hide the timer when it isn't used etj_runTimerAutoHide
      • popup message grouping (avoid duplicates) etj_popupGrouped
      • teamchat height increased up to 14 lines (from 8)
    • Added cvar to control explosives shake etj_explosivesShake
      0 disables shaking, 1 disables shaking from own explosives, 2 disables shaking from other player's explosives, 3 default behaviour
    • Widescreen support
    • etj_chatFlags toggles team flags next to chat messages.
    • Improved callvote:
      Specs can no longer vote.
      Votes will stay for full 30 seconds unless the percentage needed out of number of connected clients has exceeded for either yes or no votes.
      For example: 51% => 2 players are in team, 2 in spec => 3 votes are needed. If both players in team vote yes it will wait for 30 seconds and pass. If one of the specs join team vote yes, it will pass instantly. If one of the specs join team and vote no, it will wait for the vote to expire and pass.
    • Fixed a bug in listbans.
    • Fixed weird coordinates in the chat causing undesired mouse movements
    • Bullets and explosives go through ghost players
    • vsay correctly displays timestamp
    • Added cvar to disable lean when holding +activate key along with strafe keys etj_noActivateLean
    • Chat improvements:
      • Increased chat messages up to 200 chars
      • New multiline chat textbox with character counter

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