ETJump 2.0.6 released

  • Download it here:


    • Fixed !listmaps listing all maps whether they're on the server or not.
    • Added @name@ tagging in chat. (Replaces the @tag@ with matching names)
    • Added a message key for trigger_flagonly_multiple
      The entity prints the message when an objective is capture. Adding [n] in the message prints the name of the player that captured the objective.
    • Added etj_drawConnectionIssues. Disables the "Connection interrupted" text and image.
      This is mainly for people with constantly high pings (e.g. from Australia)
    • Added spawnflag 512 for trigger_multiple
      Multiple players are able to trigger the same trigger_multiple at the same time
    • Multiple bugfixes
    • Players can no longer callvote map <current map>
    • /callvote map mapname matches partial map names
    • token collection mode:
      Admins can define locations for easy, medium and hard tokens that can be collected by players. Once you've collected all of them, the total time it took to collect them is printed.
    • Improved /records
    • Added highlighting for @tags@
    • etj_noclipScale now supports decimal values and is limited to values between 1-20
    • Fixed fireteam savelimit
    • Removed nonading
    • Weapons are now correctly removed on start timer

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