Run cup

  • Hello boys and girls

    I had an idea for an little cup for trickjumpers.

    Since setting a time on a map is pretty popular and racing against each other .
    I want to create a cup for this,

    Let me explain my idea:

    we got 3 rounds

    1st round
    players get "1 weak" (5 days) to train and record a demo on a chosen map ( not an already released map but a new and special created for this cup).
    Players need to record a demo of them doing this map, then if the player is satisfied with his time then he can send his demo in to my e-mail or post it somewhere in a special topic somewhere here with a download link or just the demo, the fastest 10 players go to the next round

    Round 2
    Same as 1st round with new map.
    5 Fastest players continue to round 3

    Round 3
    the 5 players from round 2 now have to compete against each other in a live match the time doesn't count anymore.
    Again a new map or the maps from round 1 and 2 combined or something like that.
    First player who Finnish the map wins the cup with a small reward.

    However i need some help :(
    i can map a little but not great and for this to make it fair we need 3 new maps or 2

    anyway tell me what you guys think and maybe make it happen

    and then further details i will post

    thanks for reading

  • I have to be honest and say this isn't a very polished idea. I don't like to be a pessimist but I have to point some things out.

    To give you some thoughts why

    • We are already struggling getting 2-3 maps per year.

    • Knowing pretty much everyone in the ETJump community, I can safely say it will be harder said than done to get even 10 players into this cup.

    • If your idea is to give everyone fair ground with new map and 1 week to get a time, it's still somewhat flawed

      • It'll be extremely difficult to create a map, let alone two, with enough complexity and easy enough for most people. To empathize more on why it needs to be easy for most people is simply because the difficulty can't be too high because it limits your potential participants by a lot. Originals have the biggest potential to accomplish this, but again then there's no point creating a new map since most easy, medium-ish originals are already known. for long time.
      • A less important point. Let's assume you create a map that's easy enough for most player base, and that it has enough skill ceiling for people who are good (example: chocojump1_3, makemejump etc), 5 days is pretty shitty time to have.
    1. Most importantly of all, the map has to be good. Therefore you have to have good mappers working on it, and currently we have very few of them who are active and probably only one or two who are even mapping at all. Also emphasizing on point 1, that we are already struggling getting any maps.

    All in all, this would need huge preperation (in my opinion, at least 4-6 months) and that's counting round 3 would

    But don't let this knock your idea out but rather to work out the details more, I don't want to bash on something meant to improve the community but just wanted to point out a few things anyway.

  • I'd agree with Vallz here, but I would have been up for this... I had created 2 maps for runs. Crypt_Run and Parkour_Run ...and Sonic if you want to include such a thing! I rather liked making runs, but they never got played at all. This idea is more for another mod such as ETRUN, which already has records and timerun type events going on already with Quake 3 defrag maps.

    It's a nice idea, but the community wouldn't go for it I don't think...

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