Example server.cfg?

  • Is it possible to add an example server.cfg with the next release of ETJump? I am trying to run a dedicated ETJump server on my old laptop but my server won't start with ETJump.

    Whenever I run ETDED.exe the server starts but when I go to "ESC > SERVER INFO" it says I am running etmain when my server should be running ETJump.

    The following is in my commandline: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ETDED.exe" +set sv_dedicated 2 +set fs_game etjump +exec server.cfg +map mrmen_gamma_final"

    Am I missing out on something?

  • Do you have qagame_mp_x86.dll in the etjump directory?

  • Yep, here's a screenshot of my /etjump/ directory http://i.imgur.com/NOU70ev.png


    I have done a fresh install. What I did was:

    Rename etjump_2_0_5.pk3 to etjump_2_0_5.zip, then unzipped the files to /server_root/etjump/ and then I renamed the .zip file back to .pk3 and put the .pk3 in the /server_root/etjump/ folder and added the following to the ETDED.exe: +set sv_dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg +set fs_game etjump. What I noticed is that my server gets the shutdown error from the moment I add +set fs_game etjump to my ETDED.exe command line. Here is a screenshot of how my /etjump/ directory looks like right now after fresh install: http://i.imgur.com/ThwlILN.png

    This might be irrelevant but when I tried to host a TJ server using TJMod everything works like a charm from first try with almost the same configuration as my ETJump server apart from the +set fs_game etjump command line ofcourse.

    This is the error I get in the server console:

    ERROR: BG_IndexForString: unknown token 'portalgun': (animations/scripts/human_base.script, line 21)

    ----- Server Shutdown -----
    Resolving etmaster.idsoftware.com
    etmaster.idsoftware.com resolved to
    Sending heartbeat to etmaster.idsoftware.com
    ==== ShutdownGame ====

  • I used the .zip file from that post already because I knew about the error before installing. I'll try another fresh install.

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