Server Setup Examples?

  • Hi Zero,

    I am looking at the documentation provided here:

    Can you give me an example of what the levels.cfg should look like? (for g_levelConfig)

    When I do this on my server: !levelinfo 0 it shows the following:

    • Name: Visitor
    • Commands: 8aS
    • Greeting: Welcome Visitor [n]! Your last visit was on [t]!

    How should the actual file (levels.cfg) look so that I don't have to issue commands for each user to set commands etc?


  • The server should create a default levels.cfg file when you start it. (to etjump/levels.cfg)

    Here's an example

    level = 0
    name = Visitor
    cmds = 8aS
    greeting = Welcome Visitor [n]^7! Your last visit was on [t]!
    level = 1
    name = Friend
    cmds = 128Sa
    greeting = Welcome Friend [n]^7! Your last visit was [d] ago!
    level = 2
    name = Moderator
    cmds = *-AGs
    greeting = Welcome Moderator [n]^7!§
    level = 3
    name = Administrator
    cmds = *
    greeting = Welcome Administrator [n]^7!

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