Next version changelog (2.0.6?)

    • Fixed !listmaps listing all maps whether they're on the server or not.
    • Added @name@ tagging in chat. (Replaces the @tag@ with matching names)
    • Added a message key for trigger_flagonly_multiple
      The entity prints the message when an objective is capture. Adding [n] in the message prints the name of the player that captured the objective.
    • Added etj_drawConnectionIssues. Disables the "Connection interrupted" text and image.
      This is mainly for people with constantly high pings (e.g. from Australia)
    • Added spawnflag 512 for trigger_multiple
      Multiple players are able to trigger the same trigger_multiple at the same time
    • Multiple bugfixes
    • Players can no longer callvote map <current map>
    • /callvote map mapname matches partial map names
    • token collection mode:
      Admins can define locations for easy, medium and hard tokens that can be collected by players. Once you've collected all of them, the total time it took to collect them is printed.
    • Improved /records
    • Added highlighting for @tags@
    • etj_noclipScale now supports decimal values and is limited to values between 1-20
    • Fixed fireteam savelimit
    • Removed nonading
    • Weapons are now correctly removed on start timer

  • How about fixing UI for widescreen resolutions?

  • If I run out of ideas to do before, sure. I just don't consider it a major issue so it's not really prioritized (like I mentioned in the last topic).

  • @Zero said:

    Added @name@ tagging in chat. (Replaces the @tag@ with matching names)

    I thought you already ran out of ideas.

  • could you possibly alter callvote map <name> to be like findmap.

    map: projump_final
    current: "/callvote map projump" <couldnt find map on server>
    new: "/callvote map projump" (if only matches one map, it will call it, ie projump_final)

  • @cufffs Yes

  • @cufffs
    And if you write /callvote map p and press tab it will list all maps starting with p or what ever word you used and autofills map name if only one match found.

  • @Fate Engine does the autocomplete. You have to modify it for that.

  • In current version you can pretty much spam custom list map vote. It says you have to wait but actually you don't.

  • @Fate Good to know, adding to trello

  • If one of my suggestions is already in ETJump my apologises for that but I am pretty sure that these are not:

    • I am missing the admin !command to read the levels.cfg file without having to restart the entire server. Something identical to !readconfig on mods like Jaymod, NoQuarter et cetera.
    • a default server.cfg file to help server admins who are new to hosting ETJump servers/server hosting in general (also keep it up to date with every new release of ETJump)

  • sorry for double posting, I only just noticed that "!readconfig" is already implented in ETJump. And the reason I suggested it in my ideas list is because it's missing from the !help menu.

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