ETJump 2.0.5 released

  • ETJump 2.0.5 is out! It should be more stable than 2.0.4. You can download it here.


    • Fixed bugs in timeruns.
    • !listplayers
    • movie_changeFovBasedOnSpeed
      Changes the fov value based on current speed.
      Minimum fov can be set using movie_fovMin
      Maximum fov can be set using movie_fovMax
      Minimum speed (fov will be at fovMin value) can be set using movie_minFovSpeed
      Maximum speed (fov will be at fovMax value) can be set using movie_maxFovSpeed
      The step how much fov will be increased per frame can be set using movie_fovIncreasePerFrame
    • Fixed upmove cheat
    • !listplayers
    • Fixed !mostplayed, !leastplayed, !listmaps
    • Cvars now start with etj_
    • Added !findmap

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