XFIRE shutting down...

  • XFIRE is going down tommorow... Just wondered what people were using to get in contact with others from the game? Apart from facebook. I found it a very nice colab tool. :(

  • Yep, it was a pretty nice communication tool. I was thinking of hosting some communication server that uses XMPP but dunno.

  • That would be cool!

    I'm thinking of using this too: http://www.getgsc.com/

    It's a similar type of thing... Maybe worth advertising it on the server in the banner or smth?

  • Yeah I'd prefer something with some common protocol like XMPP so it can be used on any client.

  • OK I've decided to start using Slack. I've created a new "team" for trickjumpers. You can use it through browser or with any XMPP client (like Pidgin). PM your email here or PM me ingame and I'll invite you to the "team".

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