server bug

  • heya,
    on our server we got alot of bugs on ice slides, ramps,..
    we use et client300 & etjump mod 2.0.4

    maybe can someone explain me whats the problem?


  • ET 3.0 is bugged.

  • Hey,

    we still experience this bug with the ice slides etc. on our trickjump server. Is there a certain reason you say that et300 is bugged? What is it that makes the current etjump mod we have incompatible with et300?


  • Mainly because I've experienced absolutely no issues with ET 2.6b and when I tried ET:L like 2 years ago, there were some interesting physics issues (not like yours) with slick slopes. I have no idea what causes it but it's clearly on engine side and there's nothing I can do about it.

  • ET 300 has only altered network part of the code, allowing to fetch much more information on serverstatus request. Paul haven't done anything with physics. So which kind of bug do you encounter?

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