ETJump 2.0.4 released!

  • ETJump 2.0.4 is ready! Everything that I wanted is not in but as there were quite a few bugs that caused crashes I decided to release it already.

    You can download it from here.


    • Fixed a bug that caused vote_limit to be ignored.
    • Support for timeruns
    • Fixed some database bugs
    • Added slick detector
    • Added alternative scoreboard
    • Added another alternative scoreboard
    • Fixed a bug that caused axis engineers to spawn with rifle nades when noexplosives was active.
    • cg_viewplayerportals value 2: you only see other players' portals when you're speccing them
    • Added target_scale_velocity
      • target_activate_if_velocity
        lower_limit: if velocity is under lower_limit, nothing will be activated
        upper_limit: if velocity is over upper_limit, nothing will be activated
        if either limit is 0, it will be ignored
        1: only horizontal velocity
        2: only vertical velocity
        Example usage of target_activate_if_velocity
    • Added target_activate_if_velocity
    • Added random map mode (g_randomMapMode where the server automatically changes map every X minutes (defined in g_randomMapModeInterval).
      Voting for the mode can be toggled with vote_randomMapMode cvar.
    • Fixed a rare bug that crashed the server on random map vote.
    • Added player_logJumpCoordinates for mapping purposes. As the cvar name says, logs the jump coordinates every time you jump. (or fall)
    • Fixed a bug that teleported players to random locations on load after map change.
    • Added player_drawMessageTime cvar for logging time when the chat message was sent. Setting the cvar to 1 will print [hour:minute] ETPlayer: hello, world! and setting the cvar to 2 will print [hour:minute:second] ETPlayer: hello, world!
    • Slick detector now detects slickly slopes aswell.

  • Example config by Sneak

  • And still no documentation for the mod :/

  • But atleast the changelog has everything now!

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