Subwayjump update

  • Hi all,

    I am still working on Subwayjump. I have finished all of the main jumps, Updated some stuff people didn't like and generally touching up areas I am not happy with.

    I am now working on some secret experimental stuff. In particular one continuous very long jump full of nice OB tricks and stuff. It will be split into about 8 different sections but hopefully when that is done I can release...

    I was planning on an penultimate ending of having a train type script opening a gate or something so you can do the final jump outside but I have other commitments now, that my wife and I had a baby so I am kinda busy!

    If anyone wants to contribute to that part of it I'd be very grateful but it is not essential imo :)

  • Nice to hear! Seems 2015 is a great year for ET trickjump. Lot's a new & great maps coming!

  • @Zero Yeah man, should be good :) thought about making an Ice cave as the secret jump, one long gamma or something - but my terrain skills are terrible. The actual texture looks beautiful though, it glistens and there is nice detail attached to it to give that sharp look.

    Was looking into perhaps using 3DS Max to create a mesh then import the ASE into GTKRadiant... but it looks proper tricky!

  • nice idea, looks nice :)

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