Retrotrickjump etpro#jvmod

  • We got our servers back online now,
    Europe hosted server running the Japanese masterpiece trickjump mod
    that is JHmod. (spectan, Jv'45245) <3
    This mod allows you to save/load with angles and in separate save positions for the 5 classes.
    It features /findmap which you can search a map /listmaps which lists all maps and /loadangles.
    We got several !cmds too... Admins can use !gravity !speed !panzerwar ect.
    Configs can be set as trickjump and map/testing etc...
    You can use fieldops canister here too. We restricted it as a tool for trickjump

    ./connect [::jp] Jump to History!! ETPro


    #As dis server is currently sponsored by et.splatterladder to keep etpro-trickj0mp alive,
    I would like to invite any motivated mapper/model-pr0 to join the gamepannel (pm for more infos)

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