2.0.3 changelog

  • Here's a slightly more accurate change log. It still isn't fully updated as I didn't keep one.

    • New admin system

      • No more user + password. ETJump guid is used instead.
      • Users are saved to g_userConfig-file.
      • Levels are saved to g_levelConfig-file
      • /manual <command>
      • New admin commands
        • !finduser <name>
          !listusernames <player id>
          !listusers <page>
          !mostplayed lists 5 most played maps
          !leastplayed lists 5 least played maps
          !mapinfo <map> lists information about map
          !noclip <optional player> <optional count> allows player to use noclip 1-optional count times using /noclip
    • Custom map votes

      • Votes are stored in g_customMapVotesFile. An example file can be generated with /rcon generatecustomvotes
      • Votes can be called with command /callvote randommap <list name> and lists can be listed with /listinfo.
        In the future !listmaps should show lists aswell.
    • New alternative message of the day on connect.

      • Stored on g_motdFile. An example file can be generated with /rcon generatemotd
    • Some new cvars

      • g_disableVoteAfterMapChange seconds before anyone can vote for a new map after a map change.
    • Bug fixes

    • More bugs :-)

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