New map release!

  • Hi!

    First public test version for our new map Skacharohuth was released today. At the moment you can try it on BeginnersHeaven server, IP: Final version of the map will be released soon after some minor fixes.

    If you find any bugs or think that something is not how it's supposed to be, either post a reply to this thread or contact any of the mappers (skepty, aciz, hazz, hupo, ronsu, thelder) on server or xfire. My xfire: bloody57

    Download link: Skacharohuth.pk3

  • Uploaded to 999.

  • I have found a bug !

    screenshots and a demo found at

    when i fall in the hole then push load and you will spawn in the bug !

  • Why did you agree to this nonsense Skepty and Hazz?
    I mean, it's not even remotely funny. Pretty sure it was all Hupo's idea but you all had to agree.
    Love the "Edge of Forever"-esque theme but due to this absurdity (Pretty sure you know what I'm talking about)
    I give this map 0/10.
    Extremely disappointing indeed.

  • @likwid That's etjump bug, not the maps fault.

  • Ok sorry!

  • administrators

    Skepty Jumping Customs

    Since so many people seem to have hard time figuring out how to do them :P

  • @Fate I admit that what you refer to is in poor taste, but I don't think it warrants the 0/10.

  • @hazz Don't get me wrong, the map looks great and jumps are probably good as well, but if you bake a nice cake and take a dump on it, it will be inedible.
    I for one don't want pictures like that on my PC thus I will never download / play it.

  • Hehe! Yeah saw the YT vid, Map looks awesome, something out of Quake1! I like the tricks you have put in this. The Angles key i mentioned to Skepty a while back, it works well in this :) Plus some of the OB are awesome too!

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